Student & Fee Management System streamlines educational administration, managing applicants, student details, and fees. This integrated solution includes modules for learning, hostel, and transport management, enhancing efficiency and communication.

IB Data

Global Data Management in Student and Fee encompasses a comprehensive system that efficiently handles worldwide student information and fee structures, streamlining administrative processes for educational institutions on a global scale

  • Session Settings
  • Session Management
  • Students Basic Data
  • Stages, Classes, Sections
  • Fee Basic Data
  • Fee Heads, Fee Category,
  • Fee Head Groups
  • Discount Policy
  • Fine Policy

Student Management

Student Management module offers a robust solution for organizing student information, admission processes, family details, shifts, promotions, transfers, logins, and custom reports. It facilitates effective communication, certificate management, and seamless integration with features like group teacher assignment and advanced search options, providing a comprehensive system for efficient student administration
  • Student Setup
  • General Settings
  • Group Management
  • Student Admission Process
  • Student Management
  • Family Management
  • Student Shift, Promote & Transfer
  • Student Logins
  • Student Collectors
  • Custom Reports
  • Manage Certificates
  • Student Import Facility

Fee Management

Fee Management module provides a comprehensive solution for configuring fee structures, generating vouchers, managing admission fees, implementing discount and fine policies, and integrating with banking systems. It covers aspects such as installment plans, voucher printing, family vouchers, credit management, and extensive reporting, ensuring efficient and transparent fee administration

  • General Settings
  • Voucher Settings
  • Admission Fee
  • Auto Discount Policy
  • Fine Policy
  • Instalment Plan
  • Opening Balances
  • Fee Voucher Generation
  • Fee Voucher Print
  • Multiple Voucher Formats
  • Family Vouchers
  • Fee Voucher Payment
  • Posting to Accounts
  • Credit Management
  • Student Security
  • Bank API Integration
  • Email & SMS Fee Voucher to Parent
  • Messaging
  • Fee Import Facility
  • Import Bank Scroll
  • Accounts Integration
  • Reports

Applicant Management

Applicant Management module efficiently handles the admission process, fee structure, admission payments, and related tasks. It includes features such as bank integration, entry test scheduling, results tracking, interviews, prospectus sales, and comprehensive reporting for streamlined and effective management of prospective students

  • Manage Applicants
  • Fee Structure
  • Admission Vouchers
  • Receive Admission Payments
  • Bank Integration
  • Schedule Entry Tests
  • Entry Test Results
  • Interviews
  • Prospectus Sales
  • Reports

Hostel Management

Hostel Management module oversees the efficient administration of hostel facilities. It includes functionalities such as building and room management, floor organization, room and bed assignments, messaging, bed fee management, room categorization, and overall hostel resource tracking. This module ensures smooth operations and communication within the hostel environment

  • Manage Buildings
  • Room & Bed Assignment
  • Manage Floors
  • Messaging
  • Room & Bed Charges
  • Room & Beds Category

Transport Management

Transport Management module efficiently handles transportation logistics for educational institutions. It includes features such as zone and area organization, transport vouchers, zone-wise and pick/drop-wise fee management, vehicle and driver management, and bulk editing functions. This module ensures streamlined and effective transport operations within the institution.
  • Zone and Area Management
  • Transport Vouchers
  • Transport Fee Zone Wise
  • Bulk Editing Function
  • Transport Fee Pick & Drop Wise
  • Vehicle Management
  • Driver Management

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