Applicant Management module efficiently handles the admission process, fee structure, admission payments, and related tasks. It includes features such as bank integration, entry test scheduling, results tracking, interviews, prospectus sales, and comprehensive reporting for streamlined and effective management of prospective students

Manage Applicants

Efficiently handle applicants with our comprehensive management system. Streamline the submission, verification, and processing of applications. Track applicant status, facilitate document upload, and ensure seamless communication. Experience secure and user-friendly management to enhance the entire application process

Fee Structure

Simplify and enhance fee management with our intuitive Fee Structure Plan application. Streamline payment processing and elevate financial planning for a seamless and efficient experience

Admission Vouchers

Experience a streamlined admission process with our user-friendly system. Generate admission vouchers with ease, facilitating a simplified enrollment process. Access application forms effortlessly, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both applicants and administrators.

Receive Admission Payments

Bank Integration

Unlock the ease of secure and seamless transactions through our online bank payment integration. Streamline the payment process, elevate security measures, and offer a user-friendly online payment gateway for a seamless and convenient financial experience

Schedule Entry Tests

Entry Test Results


Prospectus Sales

Discover the convenience of streamlined access to program information with our Prospectus Sales. Easily acquire essential educational materials and obtain your admissions guide, ensuring a hassle-free and straightforward enrollment process


Unlock valuable data insights with our comprehensive reports. From analytics to performance analysis, our reports offer information summaries to support informed decision-making

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