Whether you want to simply display your personal information, describe your company, market your products, have a daily updating newspaper or a magazine, a company spread round the world, an organization, a school, college or a university and want to provide the useful information to the audience round the world in the quickest possible time, then website is an ideal solution.

Artistic, Creative & Technically

We have a artistic, creative & technically very sound development team to provide you a very fast, secure and beautiful website according to the nature of your activities. We feel that a website must be fancy, user friendly and pleasing to the users so that they can feel ease visiting the website. We strongly emphasize on the interface and interactivity of the website in order to make sure that users will get back more often to the website and will be easily able to browse desired material or to process their requests

We Develop Search Engine Friendly Websites

It is very essential for a website to be search engine friendly to help search engines understand the potential of any website not only we are also aware of your existing SEO and in case of revamp of any website we wont let that go in vain at all.

We Develop Mobile Friendly Website

Around 50% of any website traffic is normally from mobile so it is highly important that a website be mobile as well and we specialize in development mobile friendly responsive website with the frameworks and technologies

We perform quality assurance on every website we design

Our Platform Supports Websites for

  • Websites for Businesses
  • Websites for Housing Societies with Booking Integration and customer login
  • Websites for Hotels, Guest Houses, Resorts with Booking Integration and customer login
  • Website for Hospital with appointments booking
  • Website for News & Blogging
  • Websites for Restaurants with online order taking
  • Website for School & Colleges with Online Admissions
  • Website for eCommerce, products sales, order taking & delivery

Our Websites are fast & Secure

We develop websites completely using the API micro service based architecture and there is no direct database connectivity from the frontend to avoid any kind of penetration. We have applied and adopted a certain techniques to develop websites for a large number of user base.

Our Websites are beautiful

For each website we design custom themes depending on the business nature or we can use any exiting latest bootstrap themes to connect with our platform for fast delivery

Steps to get a website Designed

  • The first meeting, requirement identification
  • Send a proposal to agree on a timeline and cost
  • Start the website theme design/customization according to the requirements
  • Make the adjustments as per the feedback from client
  • Integrate with anyWEB Platform to dynamic content modification
  • Quality Assurance
  • Delivery, launching of the website on the main domain
  • Maintenance & Support

We are a professional

We are a professional web design & development company based in Islamabad Pakistan having experience of over one and half decade in web development, design, SEO, SMM & website maintenance services. We not only provide services all over Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir but internationally in London United Kingdom & UAE

Unique Features

  • Website Features
  • Unique responsive Design
  • Attractive design according the needs & requirements
  • Unlimited Pages & Blog
  • Unlimited Products & Categories
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Social Media Management


CMS, keep your website content up to date Manageable using the CMS. CMS means a content management system where you can login and update the website content, create new pages, add new photos, news & events, products, track orders & lot more.

  • Custom Theme
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Blog Posts
  • File Management
  • Website Settings
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Social Media Settings
  • Contact Form
  • Slider Management
  • Online Chat
  • Analytics Integration
  • Photo Gallery
  • News & events
  • Custom Form email Settings
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Multiple admin users

Online Store

Online Store, your products need a bigger market Conventional physical shops are limited to an area and audience so reduces the sale of a product or range, but with an online store you can sell your products without any limits.

Multiple Store Management (manage multiple website from one single panel)

  • Product Management
  • Product Types
  • Product Categories
  • Multiple product Images
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multiple shipping methods
  • Delivery tracking
  • Returns Management
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Discount Coupons
  • Customer registration
  • Customer Login
  • Orders
  • Profile
  • Express checkout
  • Order updates
  • Notification Management
  • Email Templates

Android & IOS

Android & IOS, everyone has a smartphone Having mobile applications for your shop is always a good idea because that is going to increase your sales & retain your customers.

  • Category listing
  • Products listing
  • Product Searching
  • Customer registration
  • Customer Login
  • Orders
  • Profile
  • Checkout
  • Online Payment

Business Boost

Business Boost, broadcast yourself We have developed an additional tool for email & sms marketing to spread your desired promotions via an email campaign or a branded/non branded text messaging campaign

  • Setup & schedule your campaigns
  • Shout at the right time
  • Stop/resume campaigns
  • Know exactly who opened or clicked your email
  • Customize your email templates with an easy editor
  • Multiple Email server configuration

Our Work

In the time span of over one and a half decade we have developed thousands of websites for all types of businesses for our clients in various countries in England, United States of America, Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia & Canada

Some of our latest work is showcased below

A web design company having expertise in designing interactive Custom Website design delivering a brand image full of creativity to attract / engage your customers, by offering you range of essential website services. FUTURESOL core value is in achieving competitive advantage over other businesses. We help you standout online as being a leader for professionalism in web design and development.

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