Finance/General ledger

Payments & Receipts, Reconciliation, Flexible Chart of Accounts, & Reporting

Accounting functions are the most important part of any business activity to keep track of transactions determining the essential reports for business growth and in time decision making. The general ledger software includes journal voucher, receipts, payments, expenses,

Finance Setup

This section provides options for general ledger master setup

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Vouchers & Receipts

Quick Cash, Journal vouchers, Bank Receipts, Cash Receipts, Transaction Transfer & much more.


The vast verity of billing includes Manage Bills, Expense Types, Billing Summary, Paid/Unpaid Bill, Bill Payments Etc.

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Expense Types

Diverse feature of Expense types is very needed full to every business module like Expenses, Administrative, Salary, Tax, Utilities, Bills, Discounts


Trial Balance, Account Ledger, Balance sheet, Income statement, Transaction Book and much more

General Invoicing

Master setup features of invoicing are Manage Invoicing, Invoice Payments, Manage Services, Service Reports, Summary and much more


Templates, SMS Quotes, SMS Batches &


An accounting process making ones point of view to be believed by another person

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